Costume Contest

These two lovely ladies will be awarded to the costumes chosen as Best in Class and Most Humorous in the 2010 Costume Contest. They are original Borzoi dolls, designed and made by Edna Ogata, all dressed up for the Run for the Roses in their Sunday finest and wearing their flower-bedecked hats.

borzoi dolls

So, start working on your costumes to celebrate the theme, My Old Kentucky Home - anything that represents Kentucky. Plan to compete for a chance to win these ladies. They will make a wonderful addition to someone's collection of Borzoi.

green doll

pink doll

Judges for the Costume Contest, sponsored by BCOA Rescue, were Marcella Zobel (Golightly Borzoi), Nadine Johnson (Rising Star Borzoi), and Steve Evans (Mistraka Borzoi).

Contestants were:

      • Lori Miller and Ryker as a race horse and jockey (Most Humorous)
      • Shirley McFadden, Rita Rice, Jessica Nettles, and Brooke Ayala - with Matador, Belle, Lagan, and Pemington (Best In Show)
      • Arianna Robins and Trystn as a KY Derby Winner and the Proud Owner
      • Di Ryde with Jake & Maui as Members of the Wildcat Blue Nation
      • Kitty Sawyer and Sun as Daniel Boone

Companion Class:

      • Storm owned by Sally MacDowell & Borzoi Bob
      • Frankie Picasso owned by Mary Childs
      • Gypsy owned by Lynn Deprizio
      • Miss Gracie