Art Show and Auction

Friday, April 8, 2011, 6:30 pm (tentative)
6:00 open to viewing, cash bar. Cocktail attire requested.

Auctioneer: Mary Childs
Judge: Lynn Wall, Art Show/Auction Chairman

Prizes: Rosettes for First Place, ribbons for Second through Fourth Place in each category. Best
in Show artwork will be featured in the Aristocrat (BC).

View submitted work

Art Show Rules:

  • All work must be original and include Borzoi as subject matter
  • All work must be available for sale at the auction with 100% going to the Specialty or 50% to the Specialty and 50% going to the artist. Artist must indicate choice at time of entry
  • Artist may submit up to 3 entries
  • Categories: drawing, painting, photography, original prints, ceramics, jewelry, sculpture, textiles, mixed media/found objects
  • Work may be submitted from February 1, 2011 until the day of auction
  • Artist may have work displayed on the BCOA specialty website for pre-auction viewing.
  • Submit jpeg photos of work to Sandy Simmons-Gamble,, between February 1, 2011 and March 25, 2011. One photo of 2-D work and three views of 3-D work permitted. Name of artist, name of work, category and media must be included. No work will be sold on-line and will only be sold at the live auction
  • All work must be matted and framed, on stand or ready for display and must be accompanied with an entry form. An ID card must be affixed to back, bottom or unobtrusive place
  • Artist may set a reserve price. If reserve is not met then work will not be sold

It is the artist’s responsibility for return of unsold work.

Artists may deliver work personally or ship at the artist’s expense to an address to be provided later.

Additional information: It is strongly suggested that artists attending the show bring their work with them and those persons donating work and not attending the show find someone who can personally deliver the art. If you must ship work please consider size and weight and delicacy of your pieces. Consider also that plexiglas in frames is lighter and more durable than glass. If a piece arrives damaged it cannot be offered for auction. Also consider that if your piece does not sell then you are responsible for its return.

When setting a reserve you should consider the current economy. Entry forms and ID cards are available for download.

Junior Showman Art and T-Shirt Art Competition and Auction

Open to all Junior Borzoi exhibitors in the following age groups: Junior (at least 9 years but under 12 of age), Intermediate (at least 12 years but under 15 years of age), Senior (at least 15 years but under 18 years of age), on day of show. BIS will be chosen from winner of each level. Special award chosen from all entries will have work reproduced on T-shirts to be sold at the specialty. You do not have to be present to win. All art work submitted will be offered for sale at the Art Auction with proceeds going to the BCOA Junior Showmanship Fund program. All work submitted will be the property of the BCOA.


  • Specialty Theme: The Wizard of Oz
  • Categories: Original (no work copied from magazine, book, etc.) flat work such as drawing or painting and must include Borzoi.
  • Each Junior Artist may enter 2 pieces of work
  • Entries may be previewed on the BCOA website - send jpeg images to Mrs. Sandy Simmons-Gamble, - between February 1, 2011 and March 1, 2011
  • Work must be matted and (may be framed) and ready for exhibition
  • Artists’ parents are to be responsible for artwork to be present at show, times that the hospitality room to be open for delivery will be posted at the check-in table.
  • Artists may set a reserve understanding that any work not meeting bids at least equal to reserve will not be sold. Unsold work will not be returned.
  • All art must have an ID card affixed to back of work and be accompanied by an entry form and a stamped and self addressed envelope


  • BIS: Rosette
  • Special T-Shirt Award: Rosette
  • First through Fourth Place in each age group will receive a ribbon.
  • All entrants will receive a t-shirt with winning artwork and their artwork featured in the Aristocrat and BCOA website

Examples of 2-dimensional media may include but are not limited to: pencil, pen and ink, marker, color pencil, pastel, oil pastel, watercolor, acrylics, oils, photography, textiles, scratchboard, original prints and any mix of such media.

ID card and entry form downloads will be available online later. A letter of documentation of participation will be sent to each entrant for possible use for college resume.

Parents of participating juniors are responsible for transportation of art work to the show. A shipping address will be provided later but it is highly recommended that artwork be hand delivered directly to the show by family or friends if the junior is not able to do so her/himself. Directly after the auction, unsold work may be collected by designated family or friend indicated on the entry. No work will be shipped home.

A reserve may be set by the Junior Artist if he/she wishes, but reasonable expectations in light of the current economy should be exercised. Neither should the Junior Artist be expected to set too low a price as his/her work is frequently as well executed and as desirable as that of adult artists.

Entry forms and ID cards are available for download.

There will also be a separate Silent Auction. Details to follow.

Contact with intent to participate:
Lynn Wall, Art Show/Auction Chairman
(713) 806-4647