Special Events

Dual Champion Sweepstakes

Thursday, April 10, 2014

The Dual Champion Sweepstakes is open to any AKC Borzoi Breed Champion with one of the following verifiable titles.

  • AKC Field Champion
  • ASFA Field Champion
  • LGRA Straight Racing Champion
  • NOTRA Oval Racing Champion
  • Open Field Coursing Champion

Additional entry requirements:
Each dog entered must be entered in a conformation (BOB, Veteran or Altered class) or a field event at the National.  All entries with titles other than AKC will need to send a copy of documentation of titles with entry.  Enter in "Additional Classes" on entry form.
Entry fee: $15.00

Classifications for Dogs and Bitches
Young Adult - 1 year and under 3 years
Mature Adult - 3 years and under 7 years
Veteran - 7 years and under 10 years
Venerable - 10 years and older

(Dogs may be spayed or neutered.)

Open Field Coursing Demonstration

Wednesday, April 9

Join us at sunrise in the desert and watch experienced Borzoi do the job for which they were bred! There may never be another opportunity to course hare in conjunction with a National Specialty!

We will gather early at the Pyramid, and be in the field shortly after sunrise. Hopefully we will be able to run several courses, and plan on being back to the Pyramid well before Sweepstakes classes start.

Experienced dogs only. Inexperienced dogs will not be permitted in the field, we don't want to take any chances on them getting loose or stepping on cactus before the show! We want to introduce more Borzoi fanciers to the sport of Open Field Coursing and hope they return to try it next season!

Please contact Barb Ewing if interested barb.ewing@wildblue.net).

We need to know who is going so we can coordinate transportation.

Parade of Open Field Borzoi

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Come and join BCOA in
honoring Open Field Borzoi

Any Borzoi with points in any of the three Open Field venues (NOFCA, NACA or TCC) may enter.

You will receive a beautiful BCOA 110th Anniversary Rosette with the Call name of your Borzoi.

Entry fee: $10.00
(To cover cost of rosette)

Enter on the One Stop Shopping form and send the following information to Carol Enz:

  1. Registered Name
  2. Call Name
  3. Breeder
  4. Owner
  5. Sire
  6. Dam
  7. Accomplishments or "Brags."

Carol Enz - (505) 783-4743 - kachinaborzoi@gmail.com