Regional Specialties

Events throughout the country are hosted by the regional clubs as BCOA-approved specialties. If your club wishes to host such an event, you can download the Regional Specialty Requirements sheet and the Application to hold such an event. All the regional clubs are listed here.

Calendar of Regional Specialties

April 2019

April 14

Rocky Mountain Borzoi Club

With the Terry All Kennel Club
9755 Henderson Road, Brighton, CO
Conformation: JoAnne Buehler
Sweepstakes: Cynthia Hutt
Show Chairman: Amy Sorbie
Show Superintendent: Onofrio

May 2019

May 3

Borzoi Club of Delaware Valley, Inc.

Tinicum Park
Route 32, Erwinna, PA
Conformation: John Arvin
Sweepstakes: Bonnie Dalzell
Show Chairman: Mary McDonald
Show Superintendent: Erie Canine Event Services

May 25

Midwest Borzoi Club

With the Grand Rapids Kennel Club
Kalamazoo, MI
Conformation: Barbara O'Neill
Sweepstakes: Valori Trantanella
Show Chairman: Laura Hyatt
Show Superintendent: MB/F

September 2019

September 2

Rocky Mountain Borzoi Club

Thompson Park, Longmont, CO
Conformation: Karen Dumke
Sweepstakes: Monica Henderson Stoner
Show Chairman: Richard Fundom
Show Secretary: Sue Scott, Champion Dog Events, 719-338-0065

September 21

Lone Star Borzoi Club

With the Austin Kennel Club
Bell County Expo Center
301 W. Loop 121, Belton, TX
Conformation: TBD
Sweepstakes: TBD
Show Chairman: Margaret Lucia
Show Superintendent: Onofrio

November 2019

November 16

Midwest Borzoi Club

With the Lima Kennel Club
Columbus, OH
Conformation: Carol Spritzer
Sweepstakes: Jennifer Steele
Show Chairman: Amy Sikula
Show Superintendent: MB/F