Links to Informational Sites


bullet The American Kennel Club

bullet American Sighthound Field Association

bullet The Kennel Club (U.K.)

bullet Crufts Dog Show

Regional and International Borzoi Clubs

bullet Borzoi Canada Official Web Site

bullet Borzoi Club of California

bullet Borzoi Club of Delaware Valley

bullet Borzoi Club of Greater Atlanta

bullet Borzoi Club of Greater New York

bullet Borzoi Club of New England

bullet The Borzoi Club of Northern California

bullet Borzoi Club of Ontario

bullet Greater Twin Cities Borzoi Club

bullet Lone Star Borzoi Club

bullet Midwest Borzoi Club

bullet Puget Sound Borzoi Club

Lure Coursing Clubs

bullet Colorado Lure Coursing Association

bullet Philadelphia Area Sighthound Trials Club (PHAST)

Dog Related E-Mail Discussion Lists

bullet An index of breed and group discussion lists

bullet Borzoi News Discussion List

Canine Health and Pet Care

bullet AKC Canine Health Foundation

bullet Emergency Medical Care, Veterinary Medicine, CPR for Animals

bullet American Veterinary Medical Association - Care For Pets

bullet AVMA Guide to Small Animal Poisons

bullet Kansas State University - Pet Health News

bullet Purdue U. Gastric Dilitation-Volvulus Research Project and "Bloat Notes"

bullet Cornell Veterinary Medicine - Client Information

bullet Diseases, Pet CPR, Natural Diet, More

bullet Dog Emergencies, First Aid, Behavior, More

bullet Pet Behavior Topic of the Month by Stefanie Schwartz, DVM

bullet Mining Company Dog Topics

bullet Holistic Veterinary Medicine

bullet Virtual Library: Veterinary Medicine

bullet Orthopedic Foundation For Animals, Inc.

bullet Penn Hip

bullet American Society of Veterinary Ophthalmology

bullet Canine Eye Registration Foundation

bullet Pet Poisoning Prevention Tips

bullet Pet Behavior Resources

bullet Dog Owner's Guide

bullet USFDA Center for Veterinary Medicine

Therapy Dog Information

bullet 'Dog-play' information about animal assisted therapy

bullet Therapy Dogs International

bullet Delta Society (animal assisted therapy organization)