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Member Education Program Coordinator: Prudence Hlatky - 
(ph.) 281-840-2753

Member Education Advisory Panel:
Past Specialty Breeder Judges

Member Education Advisory Panel Technical Advisors: Appointed Dependent on Program

Member Educational Seminars

Six tentative seminars are planned for presentation at the upcoming BCOA National Specialties. The first seminar will be in 2012 in Washington.

2012 – From Russia with Love

A Historic and Contemporary Review of Russian Borzoi - tracing Borzoi back to Russia, a historic insight of what they were like, how they were used followed by a look into current Russian Borzoi.

2013 – Borzoi Movement

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly, based on Rachel Paige Elliot’s DVD DogSteps and anonymized pictures of Borzoi movement from recent Nationals and specialty shows.

2014 – Changing A Breed By Stealth

The Evolution of Borzoi in America.  Using BCOA and Specialty winners – BOB and class animals, as well as top 10 Borzoi – to show how type evolves over the decades.

2015 – BCOA Judges Education

A presentation of The Borzoi by Patti Neale

2016 – A Comparison of Styles

Compare how different body types/styles of Borzoi perform.  Conformation and field comparison of movement of different body types.

2017 – You Be The Judge

Member judging, selection and placement of a class of Borzoi.  Putting It All Together