Annual Awards for 2018

BCOA annually recognizes the top Borzoi performers in every activity approved by the club. These awards are presented to recipients, who must be a club member, during the annual awards banquet held at the end of the club’s week-long national specialty in the Spring of every year. The information that provides the support for the top-winning dog is determined by the committee chairs of each club-approved activity. There is only one award given for each of these various activities as the TOP BORZOI for a category. See Annual Award winners from previous years

Top Conformation Borzoi

Top Conformation Borzoi 2018

GChS Konza-Plum Creek Bugatti at Elance

Owners: Cherie Hunchak, Kay Cassella and Robert Bates

Breeders of Top Conformation Borzoi

Breeders of the Top Conformation Borzoi 2018

Kay Cassella and Robert Bates

Top Best of Opposite Sex Borzoi

Top Best of Opposite Sex Borzoi 2018

GChP Crown Jewel Valentina of Majenkir CA

Owner: Jean Durdin

Top Breeder-Owner-Handler

Top Breeder-Owner-Handler 2018

GChS Konza-Plum Creek Bugatti at Elance

Breeder-Owner-Handler: Kay Cassella

Top AKC NOHS Borzoi

Top AKC NOHS Borzoi 2018

GChS Aashtoria's My Secret Agenda

Owners: Kenneth Porter and Robin Riel

Top Obedience Borzoi

Top Obedience Borzoi 2018

FC Téine Mirage at Riju, SC, CD, BN, RN

Owner: June Mintchell

Top High-Scoring Rally Borzoi

Top High-Scoring Rally Borzoi 2018

FC Téine Mirage at Riju, SC, CD, BN, RN

Owner: June Mintchell

Top AKC Lure Courser

Top AKC Lure Courser 2018

FC Perlova Avalon Indy Go Zoiboyz SC

Owners: T. Golcher and K.C. Thompson

Top ASFA Lure Courser

Top ASFA Lure Courser 2018

Avalon Perlova Go Darkly FC

Owners: Susan Van de Water and Sandra Moore

Top LGRA Racer

Top LGRA Racer 2018

Meilikki Gett OFF GRC

Owners: Renee McCartin & Kathleen Ponistowski

Top NOTRA Racer

Top NOTRA Racer 2018


Owners: Susanne Cecere and Sandra Moore

Top Open Field Courser

Top Open Field Courser 2018

Kachina All For Love

Owners: Linda Turner and Carol Enz

Top Versatility Borzoi

Top Versatility Borzoi 2018

Ch Hemlock Hollow Aruzia Journey to Tahoe, CGC, RN, JC, SC, BN

Owners: K.C. & Steven Artley

Top Agility Borzoi

Top Agility Borzoi 2018

Ch Hemlock Hollow's Journey To Rule Sixty-Two, BN RN JC MX MXB MXJ MJB DJ DN CGCA CGCU TKA

Owners: Lou Avant and Colleen Allen

Top Junior Handler

Top Junior Handler 2018

Elise Patti