The Futurity is open to all Borzoi puppies, bred by a BCOA member, whelped within a certain period of time preceding the BCOA National Specialty and meeting certain requirements.

The What of It

The Futurity is an event where competition is similar to a puppy sweepstakes. It is open to all puppies bred by a member of the Borzoi Club of America. A bitch, prior to whelping, is placed in nomination for a fee. Following the whelping, and before the puppies are one month old, the litter is placed in nomination for an additional fee. Thereafter, individual puppies are nominated to the Futurity at three month intervals for a $5 fee.

When you receive your puppy from a nominated litter, the breeder will give you a card to send in to the Futurity Chairman with your $5 fee. Thereafter, approximately 2 to 4 weeks before it is due, the Futurity Chairman will send you a card for the next due date. At any time you may pre-pay your Futurity entry by calculating how old your puppy will be at the time of the next Futurity.

The Futurity has classes from 6 months to 24 months. Both sexes: 6-9 months, 9-12 months, 12-15 months, 15-18 months, 18-21 months and 21-24 months. Some puppies, depending on their birth date and the date of the National Specialty, will be eligible to compete in two Futurities.

When your last card has been paid you are automatically entered in the Futurity. For example, if your puppy will be 12 months at the time of the Futurity, your 12 month payment will be your entry and you will compete in the 12-15 month class. No other entry will be necessary. Your breeder will have an option to enter the Futurity Stud Dog/Brood Bitch which is separate from the National Specialty classes.

There is a separate section in the National catalog for the Futurity and you may be asked to pre-pay your last fee if it falls after the catalog deadline. For example, if the Futurity is to be held on May 21 the catalog may close on April 19. Your last puppy fee may be due on April 30 and you will be asked to pre-pay prior to catalog deadline.

The Where of It

The Futurity is held as the first conformation event of the National Specialty. The National Specialty rotates to different areas of the United States every year. It is an elegant evening event with a Specialty Opening Reception and everyone is asked to dress in jacket/cocktail attire. The 2025 BCOA Futurity will be Tuesday, April 22 in Kingsport, Tennessee. Only puppies listed in the Futurity catalog are eligible to go forward to the next Futurity.


  1. Breeder of nominated litter must be a BCOA member in good standing and must remain as such throughout the duration of the Futurity.
  2. Bitches must be nominated after they are bred and before whelping, for a fee of $5.
  3. The owner or agent of the bitch must nominate the AKC registrable Borzoi litter, whelped to the nominated bitch, within 30 days after whelping, for a fee of $10.
  4. To continue in the Futurity, each puppy from the nominated litter (but not necessarily all puppies from the litter) must be individually nominated by their owners at the age of three months and re-nominated every three months there after for the fee of $5 for each puppy nomination. Owner need not be a BCOA member.
  5. Nominated puppies that will be under 24 months at the following BCOA Futurity are eligible for that Futurity by continuing the three-month re-nomination. Classes for the Futurity range from six months to under 24 months of age.
  6. Puppy nominations not paid by the due date will be assessed a $5 per month late fee. Nominations delinquent more than 30 days will be considered dropped.


The Futurity judging is held during the BCOA National Specialty, as a BCOA event.

The judge names are submitted by the breeders of the nominated puppies that are still nominated at the end of the Futurity period. There is only one nomination per breeder/co-breeder regardless of number of litters. Definition of breeder shall be the person signing and submitting the Bitch nomination form.

Breeders may submit the name of any person in good standing with the AKC who has bred or co-bred a minimum of one litter and does NOT fall into the following categories:

  1. Breeder/Co-Breeder of a nominated litter.
  2. Owner/Co-Owner of a Stud Dog that sired a nominated litter
  3. Owner/Co-Owner of a puppy for a nominated litter.

The Futurity judge is selected by two secret mail votes of the breeders of the nominated puppies, from those names submitted by the breeders. First ballot - one vote per litter. Second ballot - one vote per breeder/co-breeder regardless of number of litters. Ballots are counted by an independent tabulator. Judge is contacted in the order of the greatest number of votes until one has accepted.

BCOA Futurity medal

Futurity Secretary

Lydia Pruett

Payments can be made online from the BCOA Shopping Cart link or by check to BCOA Treasurer Lyn Snyder Hoflin, 6917 W 83rd Way, Arvada, CO 80003, 303-423-9999

Futurity Chairs: Barbara A. Danieli and Kim Horn Janek

Form Downloads

2025 FILLABLE Futurity Bitch Nomination Form PDF

2025 FILLABLE Futurity Litter Nomination Form PDF

2025 FILLABLE Futurity Puppy Nomination Form PDF