Junior Showmanship Program

There are no annual dues for a Junior Member (under 18 without a Family Membership). There is a $5 application fee. As Junior members do not have voting privileges, sponsor forms are not required with an application.

The Junior member can apply for full membership once they turn 18. No sponsor forms will be required at that time if the Junior has been a BCOA member for at least one year.


BCOA offers an annual award for top Junior Handler. The top five junior handlers will receive a certificate of recognition.

Points toward the annual Junior Handler award will start accumulating on the date the membership application and fee are received. The AKC stats are the only Junior stats that will be counted.

The calendar year for junior statistics will be January 1 through December 31.

Junior Showmanship Scholarship

A Junior member who qualifies for either Westminster or the National Championship while handling a Borzoi can apply for a scholarship that will help towards reimbursement of expenses from attending these events.

AKC National Championship presented by Royal Canin Qualifications

5 First Place wins with competition in an Open class from Oct. 1st through Sept. 30th of the following year (dates will be verified) and a 3.0 grade point average. (Qualified Juniors are listed on the AKC web site)

Westminster Qualifications

10 First Place wins with competition in an Open class from Oct. 31st through Oct. 30 of the following year.

Scholarship Process:

Applications are to be submitted to the Junior Committee Chairman no later than November 15. Barbara Tyler Lord, Junior Chairman, will forward the applications to the BCOA Board prior to the November BCOA Board meeting.

The Board will review and approve (or not) disbursement of designated funds to applicants once receipts have been received by the Junior Chairman, proving attendance at the applied for event.

The Board will set the amount for disbursement; amount will be contingent on the available funds in the BCOA Junior Charitable account.

The Board will notify the Junior Chairman of the amount to be disbursed to each applicant. The checks will be sent by the Treasurer to the Chairman who will release them upon verification of event receipts.