BCOA has several publications available, either for purchase or for viewing on this website.

The Visualization of the Standard (VOS) is an illustrated guide to the breed standard for Borzoi. It is an essential guide, both for beginners or for breed judges. A broad selection of pictures helps to illustrate various points found within the written Borzoi breed standard.

The Aristocrat is a quarterly publication focusing on news, statistics and other information from BCOA. No longer in printed form (whether as a standalone magazine or as a portion of the Borzoi Connection magazine), it is available as downloadable PDFs.

Pedigree pages from older issues dating back to 1973 can be viewed in the History section of this website and articles from older issues will be available to view here as they become available.

Articles featuring the Borzoi are published quarterly in the AKC Gazette. Copies of those articles are available for viewing on this website on the Articles page of this website.

The Borzoi Connection was a magazine published by Borzoi clubs from around the world. It ran from late 1997 to early 2010 and featured many articles of interest on Borzoi - from hunting in the field to Borzoi collectibles. BCOA has an inventory of back issues available for purchase in its store.