Placement Assistance Program for Members

Mission Statement

The purpose of this program is to assist BCOA members in finding homes for Borzoi when the dog's current owner can no longer provide a quality home.

  1. BCOA will provide advertisement of the available dog on its website, using information and pictures provided by the member. Information form to be provided by BCOA.
  2. Member will provide information to BCOA Breed Welfare and Rescue Chair regarding the reason(s) why the dog must be placed and why the member needs assistance. BCOA will keep such reasons confidential, when requested.
  3. If member is not the dog's breeder, BCOA Breed Welfare and Rescue Chair expects the member to contact the breeder to discuss placement. The breeder has the option to take the dog back of to work with the current owner to re-home the dog using the program.
  4. Dogs accepted into this program shall be a minimum of 12 months old. Exceptions may be made for emergency situations.
  5. BCOA Breed Welfare and Rescue does not require that the dog be spayed/neutered. If the new owner wants to show or breed, that is between the selling member and the new owner.
  6. Arrangements between the new owner and the member will not involve BCOA.
  7. Member shall agree to donate $75 to the BCOA Breed Welfare and Rescue Fund to defray cost of advertising the dog. Fee is payable when BCOA Breed Welfare and Rescue Chair agrees to assist in the dog's placement. No dog will be advertised until the fee is received. BCOA Breed Welfare and Rescue Chair may elect to waive the fee in the event of an emergency situation.
  8. The BCOA Breed Welfare Chair and assistant shall be responsible for determining if the situation warrants a fee waiver or if the situation is an emergency that warrants special consideration in terms of the dog's age.
  9. Member shall agree to sell the Borzoi with a contract that requires the Borzoi's new owner to notify BCOA Welfare/Rescue chairperson in the event he/she is unable to keep the dog.
  10. Member shall transfer ownership of the dog, providing paperwork, health records, and pedigree information.
  11. Sale price for the Borzoi shall not exceed $400; transportation and any veterinary expenses are not included.
  12. Member shall perform or have someone perform an in-home inspection prior to agreeing to place the dog.
  13. Borzoi shall be micro-chipped, and the micro-chip permanently registered with the AKC's Reunite prior to leaving the member's property.
  14. Member shall inform BCOA Breed Welfare and Rescue Chair when placement has been completed, so that the dog's availability can be removed from the advertising page.
  15. Member shall provide contact information on the dog's new home. BCOA may elect to follow-up with the new owner.

Placement Assistance Request Form

Approved, 1 November 2014