Image of an Oklahoma tornado by Daphne Zaras

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There are thousands of useful resources. Add the ones that make sense to you when creating your Borzoi Ready plan.

Borzoi Club of America

The BCOA has been a strong leader in supporting its members and Borzoi in general, having contributed to hurricane relief efforts in the gulf coast and other national disasters. The creation of this disaster preparedness website is another example of the club’s commitment to Borzoi and fanciers.

Fema Helping Pets

The AKC CAR Canine Support and Relief Fund

The AKC CAR Canine Support and Relief Fund provides resources, support, funds, and other assistance to: Not-for-profit Canine Search and Rescue organizations; The not-for-profit veterinary units providing support to the canine rescue teams; Not-for-profit animal shelters and similar not-for-profit organizations providing care for domestic animals orphaned or displaced as a result of natural or civil disasters.

AKC Pet Disaster Relief

After the devastation of Hurricane Katrina, local Emergency Management teams are now required by Federal Law to have readiness plans and resources available to help citizens and their pets in the event of a disaster.

AKC Pet Disaster Relief helps local Emergency Management provide animal care services immediately following a disaster.


Red Cross Pets

Free Emergency Pet Alert Sticker

State or County Animal Response Teams

Some states/provinces and local communities organize and coordinate animal disaster response resources through a State or County Animal/Agricultural Response Team. You should find the contact(s) for your specific city/county/state.

NOAA Watch

An all-hazard, real time monitor:

NOAA Climate Prediction Center

NWR is an "All Hazards" radio network, making it the single nationwide source for comprehensive weather and emergency information.

National Weather Service


Real time wildfire map. Fire Map

Sprinkler Initiative

Flood Smart

Floods occur in all 50 states and are America’s #1 natural disaster:

Risk assessment software

program for analyzing potential losses from floods, hurricane winds and earthquakes: