Image courtesy Valentina Losio

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Are you prepared for everyday emergencies above and beyond basic care? According to The Simple Dollar, basic costs average $1,000 annually (varies greatly depending on your location). Flea and heart worm control alone can rack up to to $500 annually. But what if your dog breaks a leg, has a growth, heart condition, or is hit by a car? So you want to breed and require a C-section. Incidents like these can run in the thousands. Do you have a line of credit on a card? Pet insurance? Savings? Posting a “Go Fund Me” fundraiser for care of your dog is NOT a plan. Your dog is your responsibility. If you aren’t sure you can afford a worst case scenario, reconsider acquiring a Borzoi.

Case in Point: Adrienne Braddock Conroy. Sunny was running full speed outside and stepped on a fallen branch. With surgery and a metal plate it was about $7,000. A couple of years later, one of the screws became infected, so we had to have the plate removed. That surgery ran about $3,000.

Case in Point: Karen Charpie-Elton’s Borzoi broke a leg at 1 year old. It took 16 wks and over $3,000 to repair.

Case in Point: Shirley McFadden spent $1200 to c-section a singleton puppy.

Case in Point: Joseph Lara paid $300 for a chipped foot bone. X-ray shows swollen foot.