Image of AKC Disaster Relief Trailer

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BCOA’s Ready Borzoi Receives AKC’s Community Achievement Award

The American Kennel Club Community Achievement Award supports and recognizes outstanding public education and legislation efforts conducted by AKC-affiliated clubs, AKC-recognized federations and their members.

Recipients of the award are selected for successfully promoting responsible dog ownership within their communities or for effectively introducing, monitoring or responding to legislative issues affecting dog ownership. Honorees receive certificates of recognition and a $1,000 contribution is made to the honoree’s club or federation to further public education and government relations efforts within their communities.

BCOA Contributes to Disaster Relief Trailers

BCOA can be proud. The AKC disaster trailer that we contributed funds to was sent to the fire disaster in San Diego County. It definitely was put to great use as the fire was in a rural area with lots of animals, especially ranch dogs. With numerous small animals being evacuated, Animal Services deployed one of our three AKC Disaster Supply Trailers to a receiving area near the fire. Having the supplies nearby meant that the Department does not have to bring sheltering supplies from the nearest facility. The supplies are used if people have evacuated without their own crates or cages and give the community and the first responders peace of mind that the animals will be able to be properly cared for in their time of need.